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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back to Dance Life

Its been long time since I last perform properly in front of crowd.
Yeap, today I together with the MDFC peeps performed in conjunction of CnS week in Monash.
It was a tiring one as I realized I am definitely not as in shape as compared to last time,
poor stamina, lagging response.....

Which make me wonder, am I caught up by age? I don't think so.
For the age of mid twenties, I should be at my top form, with my best form to do anything physically.
Guess that I have not really work out to maintain it.

Should be time to recollect myself and redeem myself I think. To properly start a training regime or routine so that I am back to proper shape. I really do miss the old body that I have that are capable to do so much more as compared to now. T.T

Its a good thing I am recollecting bits and pieces of myself. Hopefuly, I could keep this up and be a better person as I promised to myself, to her, and her. To mature and be a better man.

I thank you for everything. It was a dream, a sweet dream you gave me.
Thank you so much. I will treasure it in my heart.

Back to reality, Its SPARTAN TIME, FOR REAL.....

Hopefully to work out to this stage?? I wonder can I?

Current weight 85kg,
lets see what I can achieve in few months later. =)

Hopefully reducing, not increasing of the figure size.

PS: To get this I really need to control and manage diet, am I able to resist the temptation?
Lets wait and see..... Muahahaha


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